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Our Favorites from the FRA

Today is the final day of the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association trade show in Orlando, FL.  TBS has been hard at work handing out our delicious Kahwa espressos and cappuccinos on the trade show floor while demonstrating the technological prowess of Cimbali in their booth.

As is to be expected, there was some pretty great stuff being touted and sampled in the FRA space this year.  It would be impossible to list everything that was worth a stop-and-gape, but here are our favorites:


These are just too much fun.  As anyone who has ever gone to a restaurant with children knows, the coloring books that come with kids’ menus are … well, they’re just awesome.

Wikkistix are a cleaner, safer alternative to crayons in the form of non-breakable, non-toxic wax ropes that you can manipulate into whatever design you see fitting.  We think they’d be super cool in an art-house cafe for the daily specials or as table entertainment while customers wait.

Hope’s Country Fresh Cookies:

These are the kind of good that has you attempting to subtly change your hair and outfit so you can continue to go by and eat the samples without seeming obnoxious.

The Heathbar Crunch cookie is absolutely to die for.  Our marketing coordinator probably ate around a dozen half-cookie samples throughout the course of Monday’s show.  (Shh)

Hope’s provides frozen dough batches in more flavors than your self-control can possibly handle.

Sketchers Non-Slip Shape-Ups:

Anyone who has ever spent time waiting tables will have particular appreciation for this idea.

Sketchers has brought their shape-up line to the non-slip work category.  So, even though serving is already a great work-out, you can also tone your glutes and thighs while you’re playing live-action kitchen-side station-table pinball all night.

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Welcome to Our Blog

While our design team is hard at work on the digital awesomeness that will eventually be our homepage, we here at TBS have decided to go ahead and get our feet wet in the web-world by introducing ourselves via our new blog – Beans & Machines.

While we carefully construct our social network, hit trade shows like the FRA in Orlando this weekend, and work toward becoming the premier point of contact for all things beverage-program related, you will find updates, news, and a plethora of fun TBS-related stuff here at B&M.

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