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Café by Etsy – Cool Finds to Make your Business Indie Trendy

Vintage Spoon Set by Wooden Hive

Let’s face it – coffee shops used to be hip by default.  Cool people like to sip coffee and tea over stimulating conversation, brainstorming, first dates, you name it.  But as the popularity of the cafe heats up, so does your competition.

The aesthetic of your business to turn it into a haunt-of-choice for coffee lovers of your area is an imperative part of developing your brand identity.  As American coffee drinkers move away from the commercialism that is Starbucks in search of privately owned niche cafes, there is a more of a desire for quirk, novelty, and a unique display to set off high quality roasts.

That’s why we love Etsy.  One-of-a-kind handmade purchases by artsy folks around the globe provide just the creative touch give your place a little street cred.

If you’ve never heard of Etsy, no worries.  We’re here to give you a little guidance with some examples of picks we liked for the cafe shopper.

Coffee/Tea Pots:

Pay special attention to this one if you serve coffee or tea table-side or by the pot.

There is a limitless array of pots from handmade ceramics to funky painted glass on etsy.  The one pictured to the left is a Japanese Ceramic Pot posted by Logan Square Houseware on 9/17 for a bargain $20.

Table Decor:

Place mats, coasters, tablecloths, games … the possibilities are endless when it comes to sprucing up the tables in your cafe for dine-in customers.

Our favorites from a spur-of-the-moment search on Etsy were these super cool recycled woven coasters by Harriet’s Haven for $11 and these Leaf Table Pieces by River Bird.  Pictured to the right were another set of coasters we are still drooling over by Etsy coaster queen Love My Coasters.  They run on average $12/set of 4, and the shop array features all sorts of yummy options for coffee house chic.

Behind the Counter:

Apron by The Lime Shop

With all the stuff required to full suit your staff and counter, there’s a lot of room to play with your purchase choices.

From funky aprons to shabby chic chalkboards like this vintage option from Chalk Board Originals, you can really throw yourself into providing a distinct personality to your cafe for relatively cheap and the reassurance that your stuff is one-of-a-kind.

Consider doing a locale search to find Etsy artists living nearby as well.  You can always commission out pieces from shops you like (even if they aren’t local) to fit a specific logo, brand, or vision you’ve got in your head.

Best of luck, and be sure to send us photos of your finds!

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